We want to give a special thanks to our donors who give generously to the Husky community!

Platinum $1,000 and up

Kent Griffiths (HHS ’79) — 60th Birthday Helicopter Jump

On May 2, 2021 to celebrate his 60th birthday, Kent skydived out of a helicopter 60 times.  Each helicopter trip had two extra seats that Kent sold for $60. He used the money raised to make a generous donation to the HHAA scholarship fund.

The older I get, the more appreciative I am of how important an educated and skilled workforce is, and how much I have benefitted from it.  Perhaps college or trade school isn’t for everyone, but money, or a lack thereof, should never be the reason why a motivated young person doesn’t pursue their dream.  So, when it was suggested that I spend my 60th birthday skydiving, and I realized I could help raise some money for the Hillcrest High Alumni Association scholarship fund in the process, it was, if you’ll pardon the expression, a “no brainer.”


Michael Olsen (HHS ’76) — The AIMTEC Group  



Michael has been one of our most passionate and consistent supporters.  He feels strongly about the importance of education, especially for girls. He sees it as the way to open up opportunities in people’s lives.

AimLocate is a company that uses patented algorithms and software to assist foreign countries that do not have a formal addressing platform.


Kent and Catherine Gale Thacker (HHS ’89)

I loved my high school years at Hillcrest and appreciate those who mentored and supported me during those formative years. I hope that the funds for the scholarships will help seniors to further their life pursuits and build on their successes they have had at HHS.


Cris (HHS ’78) and Sheila Castillo

The Castillo’s generous donation was matched by Cris’s employer Marathon Petroleum Corporation.


In Memory of Quinn Lynette Woolsey  (obituary)

Quinn was not an alumna of HHS, but she was a friend and inspiration to a member of our group.  This anonymous donor said that Quinn loved learning and that supporting education for young people is an appropriate way to honor her memory.


Hillcrest High Class of 1969

After last year’s Class of ’69 reunion, those in charge decided that they should donate the extra money that they collected to a worthy cause. They ended up donating enough to the HHAA Scholarship fund to be designated as a Platinum donor.

Thank you to Sterling Jenson and the other leaders of the HHS Class of 1969 for your great generosity.


Carlos (HHS ’91) and Christy Lopez

[We] found the HHS Alumni Scholarship fund a great way to provide a path for HHS graduates higher education. We would challenge all HHS alumni that if their own life path has rewarded them financially to consider putting a few bricks down on the path for others so that they too may achieve their goals.

Gold $500-$999

Ron Moser (HHS ’86)

Hillcrest for me means: Deep friendships with amazing, loving & forgiving peers.  Forever appreciation for our teachers & coaches (my profession).  Transformational leadership experiences through Senior Pride and Athletics.  Gratitude for growing up in a household of 7 true Huskies.  …I say from East to West, Hillcrest is the Best! ❤️


John McEntire (HHS ’82)

Being a Husky for four years was a great. The community was very supportive and engaged in student life.  I was active in many school organizations. As a senior I was recipient of various scholarships which allowed me more focus on my college career. It’s that reason that my wife, Nanako, and I donated to this scholarship fund. To give back and help support the next class of graduates.


Robert Staker (HHS ’91) and Sandra Osburn-Staker

The school store may be no more, but the friendships will last forever.


Verdon Walker Jr. (HHS ’79)

It is very impressive to see the accomplishments of these young Huskies. I am grateful to be able to support them in continuing their educational pursuits.


Julianne Jorgensen Sperry (HHS ’98)

We appreciate the support, both visible and behind the scenes.


Anonymous Donor — HHS Class of 1979

A couple that attended the Class of 1979 reunion decided to donate but said that they like to do their charitable donations anonymously. So, they have asked to not be identified. However, I thank them sincerely for their generosity. 


Lisa Berrett Minnick

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Hillcrest. I have so many fond memories of the years I spent there. I made many dear friends who I’m still close with today. I believe it’s important to remember where we came from and to be grateful for those experiences and people who shaped our lives and to help future generations in learning and education. To me, donating is one way I can pay it back and pay it forward at the same time.

Silver $250-$499

Alan R. Miner (HHS ’66)

Alan was part of the committee that procured the construction of the terrazzo husky picture that was in the floor in front of the auditorium. It was the gift from the Class of ’66.

Paula Larson Thomas (HHS ’63)

I attended Hillcrest High school as part of the first graduating class of 1963. My Sophomore and Junior years were spent at Jordan High school and I was so sad when I found out my Senior year would be at the new High school on Seventh East – Hillcrest. I ended up loving being a part of something new along with creating new memories and traditions. I love the opportunity to give back to the school that became my school for a year of my life.


Cliff Winegar (HHS ’76)   Mar Del Photography

You’ve seen some of Cliff’s excellent work with the pictures of trophies that HHAA has posted. Thanks, Cliff, for your work and your generosity.

Bronze $100-$249

In Memory of Lorene Mark   (Obituary)

In memory of Mrs. Lorene Mark, English teacher at Hillcrest and great influence all that knew her.  Thanks aunt Lorene.

Steve (HHS ’68) & Charlene Mark Mayfield (HHS ’68)


City Pawn


Wendi Hatfield


Jim (HHS ’80) and Diana (HHS ’82) May
Pinnacle Stone Design


Scott Beverly (HHS ’87)
AAA Garage Doors