School Rebuild


Live camera on the Hillcrest construction.

Hillcrest Rebuild Plan

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Daily progress December 2020
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Drone Flyover December 13, 2020 Courtesy of Steve Thomas (HHS ’88)
Drone Flyover August 16, 2020 Courtesy of Steve Thomas (HHS ’88)
Drone Flyover June 29, 2020 Courtesy of Steve Thomas (HHS ’88)
Drone Flyover April 12, 2020 Courtesy of Steve Thomas (HHS ’88)
Real Time Video of Final Gym Roof Demolition  April 16, 2020  (Crash at 06:45)

Time lapse of Gym demolition April 2020

October 5, 2019   Drone flyover courtesy of Gailen Call

July 20, 2019  Construction update – Workers are preparing to change the intersection at South Union Ave and 900 East to a four-way. The new gym building and field house are well underway and the new main building is rising in the front parking lot. The current/old gym building is set to be demolished this fall after the new gym buildings are complete. The new Hillcrest will be completed in 2021 at which time the current/old main building will be demolished. The HHAA will be selling artifacts from the old gym to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. Stay tuned for more information. #hillcrestrising

New fieldhouse and gym buildings.
Entrance to new bus drop off area and visitor parking.
This entrance will go to the new faculty parking lot.
The new main building is being built in the former parking lot. Parts of the new building will be 4 stories tall.
Fieldhouse and new gym building under construction. The stadium will remain where it is.